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We have trained over 1000 individuals around the UK, of which many have set up their own business to offer a cosmetic repair service. So please give us a call as we will have a cosmetic repair specialist in your area who can help.

What can be repaired?

Most scratches, chips, splits, holes and discolouration can be repaired on the following: worktops, units and end panels, window frames and doors, baths and shower trays, garage doors, white goods, tiles, flooring, radiators, sanitary ware, meter boxes, stone cills and so on.

A repair can alleviate the hassle of getting several different tradesmen involved to replace a damaged item, such as a scratched worktop near a sink. In this instance a carpenter, plumber and mastic sealers labour would be required to replace the damaged worktop. With a cosmetic repair, this type of damage could be fixed in as little as 30 minutes. Not forgetting the cost of replacing the work top too.

Repairing is not only a clean, fast and a cost-effective alternative to replacing, it’s better for the environment too.

Please contact us for more details.